From Monday to Saturday

From 10 am to 5 pm

48 hours’ notice

No more than 12 peolple

Book a tasting in our farm

We combine the tastings of our wines with typical Tuscan dishes, closely with the cellar and the aging barrels

More than a tasting, an experience

All our tastings take place with the owner and continue in the vineyard

The tasting is set up closely with barrels

Historic and welcoming location

The tasting room is inside the aging cellar, where there are barrels and barriques. The space is characterized by a blend of ancient and modern: the structure in stone, wood and terracotta, the inserts in glass and steel.

Each wine is paired with a typical dish of this area

Culinary preparations in the professional kitchen

The open kitchen is next to the tasting room. A professional kitchen for an excellent chef: Gianni Bernazzi, the owner of the farm. Yes, because Gianni, in addition to being an excellent winemaker, is also a great cook! And who better than him is able to balance the flavors of the dishes with those of his wines?

It is possible to organize small lunches and tasting dinners

By reservation only

Those who want to stay longer and extend the tasting experience to that of a lunch or dinner, always paired with the farm's wines, can do so by booking at least a week in advance and for groups of less than 12 people.

The experience ends with an educational visit to the vineyard

You will be followed by the owner of the farm

You can participate in the pruning, attend the flowering or to be present at the development of the grapes (allegagione) and give your personal contribution during the harvest. Also in this case, you will be with the farm owner Gianni Bernazzi.

In addition to the tasting we hope to offer a memory, our memory

Book in advance

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