Wine tastings from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm

No more than 12 people, book at least 48 hours in advance

Welcome to Bellaria

Bellaria has been the family business since 1963. Our farm has 40 hectares of land, 3 of them are vineyards and it’s is in one of the most appropriate and characteristic area in Montalcino

1963: It all begins with Assunto Pieri and Bruna Tempori

Together they bought Bellaria, to work the land and start a family

In those days, the land fed them, in addition to being a source of income and in Montalcino, you could also produce an excellent wine.

1967: Assunto is one of the founders of the Brunello Wine Consortium

A production specification and a guarantee label are established

The statute was signed by 15 direct growers, 3 small landowners and 7 medium and large landowners.

2010: The leadership of the farm passes to his grandson Gianni Bernazzi

Thanks to Gianni Bernazzi there is both a marketing evolution and a company logistics improvement

The work in the vineyard and in the cellar are carried out as his grandfather taught him: no shortcuts!

2004: The farm enriches its production with a new line named Assunto

Our excellence line wines

The wines of this production come from an old vineyard of about 40 years that grandfather Assunto planted

2015: La Riserva wins 100/100 by James Suckling

James Suckling assigns 100/100 to Brunello Assunto Riserva 2010

What could be more gratifying than to get recognition for the attention and passion you put into your work every day?

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