Our work philosophy is to produce a wine that has as its peculiarity the maximum expression of the territory and that goes to satisfy a selected target lover of authentic wines, genuine and not present in the GDO.


The processing phases of our wines start from "doing well" within our vineyards - because as my grandfather always says "wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar" -, taking great care and respect for the vine in its natural vegetation phase and strict production regulations.

We place the same care and attention in the cellar and at all stages of the production of our wines: from vinification, to refining in fine Slavonian oak woods or from the well-known forests of Allier in France.

All this supported by the now indispensable applied technology, but always respecting the natural process dictated by tradition. At the end of all the processes there is bottling and following the marketing, always attentive to the selection of all the sales channels, which as already mentioned above, must maximize the appeal to a consumer lover and connoisseur of the true tradition of Montalcino and the wines created here. This is what my family has always believed in and that I will personally bring forward, with the love and the unique passion, that I have for this territory of ours.