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Omega Replica Watches has a new steampunk design that will excite all science fiction fans. It is exactly like the Omega Replica Watcheses, and feels just as it does in the HG Wells novels.

This new model is not only unusual in design but also offers a new dimension for the Italian manufacturer, which is well-known for making large cases. The Omega Replica Watches is housed in a mid-sized 43mm case made in AISI 316+ stainless steel and sub-sequently PVD coated.

The trend to reduce the size of its new models is not only followed by the Italian watchmaker, but also the trend to include mother-of pearl dials in pieces that are intended for men.Omega Replica Watches Mother-of-pearl dials were formerly used almost exclusively in ladies' watches.

The dial is located beneath the optical sapphire front glass. It consists of three layers, one in pure mother-of-pearl and two with varnished metal parts.

External tubing and a key are used to lock the bezel, case, and back of the case together. This provides water resistance up 100 meters (approximately 325 feet). The patented push-piece, which is sculpted and patented, allows the future owner of the case to remove the inner crown from its recessive position for date and time settings.

Through a flat sapphire case back, the reverse side of this case shows the inner beauty of your watch. The U-BOAT Chimera Mother of Pearl's beating heart is the U28 automatic mechanical movement. It has been customized to UBOAT specifications and modified for the stem position at 9 o'clock.Patek Philippe replica watches This impeccable mechanism has a personalized rotor in silver with three bridges and blued screws. The watch's 25 rubies caliber is capable of storing enough energy to last for approximately 38 hours at a frequency of 28800 beats an hour (4 Hz).

You can use the watch to display hours, minutes, seconds and a 24-hour indicator. The 9 o'clock position houses a date display.

This newcomer has a completely handmade strap made from natural aged leather and finished with waxed coton. The watch will stay on the wrist for a long time with a stainless steel buckle with PVD coating.

Omega Replica Watches The limited edition of 300 pieces is available for 8069.