Sant’Antimo Vin Santo DOC

Grape Variety:

Trebbiano e Malvasia

Vineyard Altitude:

500 mt. s.l.m

Yeald per Hectare:

10-15 ql.

Alcohol Content:

16,00% Vol. svolto


This Vin Santo originates from the production of two typical white grapes in the Tuscan tradition; Trebbiano and Malvasia. The grapes are harvested and placed in baskets to dry naturally for about 3 months after which time the grapes are pressed and the must starts fermentation. It is then transferred to wood barrels.


The must ages in small 50-100 litre barrels where it stays for a minimum of four years. In this time the vin santo ferments, transforming the sugar into alcohol, and ages by taking on a straw to amber-flecked colour and typical fragrances.

Bottle Ageing:

After ageing in wood, the Assunto Vin Santo ages for a further 8-10 months in glass in order for the sediment from the fermentation and maturation processes to settle at the bottom. It is then bottled without being filtered so as not to lose those characteristics it takes on during ageing.

Tasting and Pairing:

Subtle golden yellow colour. Intense, elegant and fruity bouquet with flowery hints given the drying of the grapes. On the palate pleasant, sweet, very mouthfilling, warm with a sweet finish. Excellent with all desserts especially biscuits and Tuscan Cantucci.

Suggested serving temperature: