Our aim is to produce wines that truly speak for where they are grown; wines that are both genuine and eloquent. We believe that wine lovers looking for something different will recognize the individuality of our products, while appreciating how they relate to the overall profile of Montalcino wines.


My grandfather always used to say that “wine is made in the vineyard, not in the cellar”, and this is a conviction that we share. We look after our vines with loving care throughout the vegetative cycle, making sure that they produce the right amount of premium grapes.

However, we further this by paying great attention to all stages of winemaking in the cellars, from fermentation through to ageing in both French and Slavonian oak casks. Of course viticultural technology plays its part with us as well, but without overriding tradition. Once the wines are bottled, we strive to get them to customers who appreciate the terroir and its outstanding products.

This is basically our family philosophy. It’s been like that for generations, and I believe it will continue.