The Bellaria Estate

as we now know it first came into being in September 1963, when Assunto Pieri and Bruna Tempori purchased a farmhouse and land in one of the finest and most characteristic Montalcino winegrowing areas.

The family still lives in the original farmhouse. Meanwhile the winery itself has been extended and improved, with the addition of new ageing cellars and a brand new tasting room.

"Sunto" and Gianni

Bruna and “Sunto”, as everyone in Montalcino calls him, increased and improved their property, opting to produce wines there that would speak for the fine balance of grape variety, soil and microclimate.

In 2000, their nephew Gianni Bernazzi, took over the direction of the estate, bringing with him a degree of modernization that he managed to reconcile with respect for tradition. Since the production of quality wines was the goal shared by both generations, this transition was seamless. Annual output is currently around 6000 bottles.